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Photography, The Old Abandoned Church

Here’s what’s left of the steeple and the frame of an abandoned church that is probably over a hundred years old.  I remember seeing it proudly standing tall even though it had become weathered and old due to its age about five years ago. But, alas this past week when taking a drive back into the mountains of Western North Carolina looking for a farm where you could buy a live Christmas tree, its collapse surprised and saddened me.   2010A copyright

Since this building will probably disappear from view before I return to this area again, I decided to stop and capture some last  photographs of it before it completely falls to the ground.

192 copyright

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, November 29,2013


November 29, 2013 · 11:46 pm

The Farm, Sunflowers and Honeybees

6-The old barn-e

Late evening rain showers always bring fresh morning air to the farm when I visit. The bee hives were not ready  to harvest so the bees continued their busy work gathering the nectar from the late summer flowers. I wonder if they saw the Teddybear Sunflowers in the field next to the rows of corn husks that were drying in the August sun.

The henhouse was quiet with only a few chickens pecking around the ground. Their nests had already been robbed for our morning breakfast.

Life is good and the sun is shining on my back.

1-Teddybear Sunflowers copy

7-Late summer flowers7-The farm and chickens

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, August 27, 2013


August 27, 2013 · 12:06 am

Photography, Who is the girl in this portrait?

3- who is the girl smelling the rose2- who is the girl smelling the rose4-Girl Smelling a Rose

I’ve had these two portraits of the same girl posing for a long time and every time I look at them I ask the same question: “Who is the girl in this portrait?”

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, August 10, 2013


August 10, 2013 · 12:04 am

A Surprise at Nature’s Pond

When I took a walk early this morning, I didn’t know that a surprise would be waiting for me near the pond.  The trail leading into the woods provided several photographic opportunities that I captured using the macro feature on my camera. And then, a Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly surprised me when it landed on a Joe-Pye weed waiting for me to take its photograph.

Yet, a bigger surprise was waiting for me farther down the trail. That’s when I walked past a mother and father fishing off the dock with their two children playing nearby.  “Why are you taking pictures of the grass,” the older child asks with interest. “It’s not the grass that I’m photographing,” I reply smiling. “The lens of my camera is actually focused on that tiny purple flower on the ground.”  She immediately became my assistant suggesting other things that I could photograph.  Below is the photographic story. And, just in case you don’t recognize what’s in her hand, it’s a baby snail she found in the dirt. Afterwards she gently placed it back where she found it.

“Do you live around here?” I ask. “No, we’re from Burma,” the young girl answers handing me a yellow flower to remember our visit.

6-053 Walk August 3, 2013

3-032 Walk August 3, 20135-041 Walk August 3, 2013

4-034 Walk August 3, 20132-021 Walk August 3, 20137-060 Walk August 3, 20138-063 Walk August 3, 20139-066 Walk August 3, 201310-070- A Snail in the Mud-Walk August 3, 201311-066-2-Walk August 3, 2013Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, August 3, 2013


August 3, 2013 · 9:18 pm

Photography, Artistic posing with a book

Old photographs to me sometimes look like paintings. I don’t know any of the people featured in any of the ones I find and collect…but, there’s always something artistic featured in the pose or the background that attracts my attention.

This first one I didn’t buy because I think it might be just a clipping from a magazine of days gone by.  However, that didn’t stop me from asking the antique shop owner for permission to photograph it.

4-Old Photo copy

The second one I did buy and put it in my collection. What I like most about this photograph is the girl sitting in the middle posing with an opened book while her brother and sister stand on either side. Take a closer look at the chair she is sitting in.

Old photograph of Sisters and Brothers reading a book

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, August 2, 2013


August 2, 2013 · 12:13 am