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Horse-in-the-Pasture, Updated

Six months ago on December 20, 2012 a horse-in-the-pasture© was my inspiration for writing a short story. You can read it on this link and find out what happened when I was sixteen years old.  Today I decided to take a break from editing, Book 2 in the trilogy, and drive over to the pasture for a visit.  There’s where I found, not one, but two horses grazing on grass. When they saw me, they eagerly pranced over to greet me.  I immediately recognized the butterfly mark on my friend’s face, but I’m puzzled about why he is wearing a blinder.

Note: DawnSeeker, from Soul Horse Ride, has agreed to be our Horse Expert about this puzzling blinder that is actually called a “fly mask”. Scan down to the bottom of the comments section and read some interesting facts about their purpose. Thank you, Dawn, for commenting and the information. Much appreciated.

2-Horse-Mirrored Image 07-24-2013

1-Butterfly horse 07-24-2013

1-Horse 07-24-2013

3-Butterfly horse 07-24-2013

2-Butterfly horse 07-24-2013

“I whispered over the fence, “I’ve decided to call you Metamorphosis.”

He nodded his head with approval and smiled.

Note: Metamorphosis of the butterfly symbolizes significant change in the course of one’s life, personality or way of thinking.

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, July 24, 2013


July 24, 2013 · 10:37 pm

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses

When I discovered the illustrated book “The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses”  I bought it. Now that I’ve read it, I’m going to frame it and hang it on my wall because… “It reminds me how free and beautiful wild horses are.”

1-2013-Paul Goble-The Girl who loved wild horses -front cover

“The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses”received the 1979 Caldecott Medal for U.S. picture book illustration. The author, Paul Goble,  a native of England studied at the Central School of Art in London

[1] In 1977, he moved to the Black Hills in South Dakota and was adopted by Chief Edgar Red Cloud. Goble was greatly influenced by Plains Indian culture

[2]and his subsequent children’s books reflect this.”I feel that I have seen and learned many wonderful things from Indian people which most people would never have the opportunity to experience. I simply wanted to express and to share these things which I love so much.” Source: Wikipedia

(Written on the back cover of my book:)”There was a girl in the village who loved horses; she understood them in a special way.  What she wanted was to live among the wild horses where she could be truly happy and free. Will her people let her go?”

.And, here are some  great blogs that I like that feature horses:

1) Wild in the Pryors, A Blog about the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses 2) Sotardalen Nokota Horses, Nokota horses on the west coast of Sweden 3)Alli Farkas Artist Adventureswho’s been drawing and painting horses since she was five.
Written by Mary Gilmartin, June 18, 2013


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A Bright Vision (reblog)

Sotardalen Nokota Horses

This is a reblog from Sotardalen Nokota Horses where there’s a ranch with Nokota horses on the west coast of Sweden. It’s one of my favorite places to visit and read their posts. I have learned some important things about how to care for horses. If you are not familiar with this breed then, please visit The Nokota® Horse Conservancy and read about the Nokota horse history. It’s important that everyone works to save and promote this breed.

Werner Nokota Horses

Alexandra Werner (C) 2013

If we would see the world through eyes like these,

No one would hunger, no one would freeze.

We would travel the earth over unshod feet,

And no one would tremble by her heartfelt beat.

If we would feel the warmth of her red roan coat

We would grasp the idea; we are sharing the boat.

I guess this world would be saved alright,

We would see our future prosperous and bright,

If we would see the world through eyes like these.

Inspiration provided by Windflower Dancer – Nokota Horse

Photo by Alexandra Werner, Words by H.M. Werner

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‘The other day when I drove past a pasture near where I live, something prompted me to pull over to take a closer look.

4-Horse Pastures

That’s when one of the horses walked up to the fence and looked me straight in the eyes. Did I know him from somewhere in my past? Then, I  remembered the farm and the accident when I was sixteen years old.

2-Horse Eyes

Horse-In-The-Pasture© by Mary Gilmartin

     It was a beautiful summer’s day when I took the horses out of the barn with my older brother for a ride in the meadow. Jamie had saddled Spirit and galloped wildly across the field. I tried to follow close behind on the back of Manchester. He was getting old and not as fast. It was difficult to hold on tight with no saddle to anchor me down. We had not traveled far when dear old Manchester lost his footing from the chasing. We fell down the embankment and my body flew through the air. I landed on the hard ground with a bang  realizing that I  could not move. The rest of that summer I spent learning how to walk all over again hobbling around the house using a cane to balance myself. .  .

3-Horse Likes Me

 I sensed my new-found friend wanted his portrait taken before I left. I think he posed rather nicely, don’t you?

1- Horse Portrait

 And, if I am not mistaken I think I see a smile underneath that “butterfly birthmark” on his face. I thanked my new friend for the memory before I departed.”

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, December 20, 2012


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