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Dogs, A puppy named Scotty

1-my book  A Giant Little Golden Book on Dogs

There’s a book in my bookcase written by Kathleen N. Daly called “The Giant Little Golden Book of Dogs.” It’s one of the few remaining that I still have from my childhood.

It’s illustrated by Tibor Gergely and inside this book are pictures of big dogs and little dogs with tips on training. There is even one story about the first dog who made friends with man and it may have been a puppy who came to warm himself at a caveman’s fire.

The Scottish Terrier is the first dog that I remember when I was a kid. Scotty was a small puppy and liked to dig holes in our front yard. But, he only stayed long enough to visit because my mother said “dogs don’t belong indoors” and she meant it. I sometimes think about him and wish my brothers had built him a dog house. Maybe then she would have allowed us to keep him. But, instead she gave me a stuffed bear that I named Teddy.

Last year I saw a Fluffy Brown Dog in the park that looked just like my little Teddy.

Cute dog Baby Bear

Here’s the photograph.

Written by Mary Gilmartin, August 16, 2013


August 16, 2013 · 12:01 am

The Four Poodles

Let me introduce you to David’s poodles: These two brothers & two sisters are ten years old and love to take walks together in the park every morning. And, they proudly lined up and posed for me when I asked.

Four Poodles copy

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, May 22, 2013


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The fluffy brown dog

If there ever was a puppy that I wanted to pick up and hold, it was this one.

Cute dog Baby Bear

My path often crosses those of pet owners walking their dogs. There are big dogs, little dogs and most of them have great personalities. When asked permission to take a photograph of this fluffy little brown dog, she actually stopped and posed for me.  She reminds me of a teddy bear I once had when I was a kid.

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, December 30, 2012


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Jim’s rescued Papillons Dogs

Have you ever meet someone, just in passing, and say hello?  Of course you have.  Sometimes you may exchange a couple of words and that’s the end of  it. Or, perhaps a couple of days later your paths cross again.  Well, that’s exactly what happened this morning. I parked my car in the parking lot near the walk-up trail. That’s when I saw a gentleman preparing to get into his car. I recognized him as the man who was walking his dog along the railroad track when he said to me, “It’s a Beautyberry.” … “Thank you,” I replied.

Today’s Story :”Hello,” I greeted the gentleman. “I remember you from a couple of days ago when I photographed the berries near the railroad tracks.”… “Yes,” Jim replied.  After introductions we talked about his two small dogs in his car.   I learned they are both female Papillon and have Greek names.

WORDPRESS Mimi (Persephone) Photo 1

Persephone (No Nickname): “Persephone is 10 yrs old. Persephone I rescued as a puppy.  She was in a box with 4 other puppies.  She has no nickname.  She is the smartest dog I have ever owned. She understands much of what she’s told.  She also likes to run with me in the mornings and pouts if we can’t run because of rain.”

Asterope (Nicknamed Mimi): WORDPRESS Asterope-Phot 2 (Star Face-Aster Flower)  “Mimi is 9 years old. She was rescued from the puppy mill*. Mimi was thrown into a dumpster and left to die.  Fortunately some wonderful people found her and took her to a shelter where she was cared for and made well.

Other Papillons: “We have had other papillons.  Hercules was our first.  Then Persephone, then Phoebe, then Athena, then Asterope (Mimi). All the names are Greek gods or goddesses.  All were rescues except for Hercules. Hercules was a show dog. Phoebe was our laughing dog.  She came from a puppy mill also.”

(Readers) *If you don’t know what puppy mill means: It’s when a breeder uses a dog to produce puppies and discards them when they are no longer needed.  The dog sometimes ends up in the dumpster,  just like Mimi did. This is one of the cruelest things I can image and I have heard it happens often. We are grateful for those who rescue.

Written by Mary Gilmartin, August 23, 2012


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Writing, Characters in Stories, Jack Russell Terrier and the Mountain Feist

Did you know that a Jack Russell terrier makes a great pet?  Perhaps the answer is Yes, because you know about this breed.  Or, maybe you don’t have a pet and you are looking for one. Some visit their local rescue center while other may visit the national rescue website for this breed. There are a lot of lonely dogs out there just looking for new homes…

Because one of them found his way into my first book, Adventures with Easton, The Magical Journey.  Jack, as his name would imply, is a terrier and first appears as a character in Easton’s first dream. As the story progresses some interesting things start to happen in this nine-year old boy’s life.  When he meets his next door neighbor, guess what happens?  He finds out that Mr. Johnson used to work in the circus as the ringmaster and  his Jack Russell terrier was found at a local rescue center.

Now back to the breed: You might want to check out the The Real Jack Russell  website just to make sure this breed is the one for you. In case you don’t know… “terriers need a long-term commitment to obedience, activity, exercise and entertainment… their unique character, intelligence and high energy level will keep you active walking.”

Another mixed breed, sometimes mistaken for a Jack Russell terrier, is the Mountain Fiest.  My brother told me he drove all the way from North Carolina to Kentucky to bring home his registered Mountain Fiest, “Buster” two years ago (Photograph, 2010).

Cute “little Buster” does looks like a Jack Russell Terrier, doesn’t he?

Copyright- Buster - Mountain Feist

Written by Mary Gilmartin, August 17, 2012

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