Children’s Book: We Were Tired Of Living In A House

Today in my vast collection of  books I found an interesting 1969 edition by the Weekly Reader Children’s Book Club.


“We Were Tired Of Living In A House”  was written by Liesel Moak Skorpen, a German born author, and illustrated by Doris Burn who always wanted to live on an island.  I think the illustrations made by Doris Burn are great.  Even though I never created a home in a tree or lived in a cave when I was a child, I did spend many hours outdoors creating a magical childhood filled with play and imagination. And, afterwards I always returned to the best place to live and that was “in a house”.

Written by Mary Gilmartin, April 7, 2015


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9 responses to “Children’s Book: We Were Tired Of Living In A House

  1. I would love to buy this book. Please let me know if it is up for sale? I need it for my preschool.

  2. So many of the childrens’ books of yesteryear had few illustrations – but they made up for that by being marvellously provocative.
    I had better confess to a tree house – in a tree my sister couldn’t climb – with a tin box with my favourite books in.

    • What a great place to read (now I wish I had a tree house), However,my tomboy childhood did gain me the reputation of saying,: “I could climb the tallest tree and shoot the straightest arrow.”….

  3. Maybe this explains why kids — even today’s kids — love making tents out of chairs and old sheets in the living room. It’s a house, but not in the real sense.

  4. I can relate to this…

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