Art, Books and The Seashore

IMG_0054-cropA framed watercolor print by Edward Van Goethem now hangs on a wall in my office. It reminds me that Spring is scheduled to begin soon, March 20th, and I can hardly wait for the crowds to flock to the seashores and for longer days with warmer temperatures.  Whenever I find a drawing or a painting that I like I usually try to find out something about that person. But, my brief search only revealed this artist was possibly from Belgium and lived from 1857 to 1924.  One source for this watercolor stated that it may have been painted in Frinton-On-Sea, a small seaside town in the Trending District of Essex, England.  My thoughts are that it could have been painted On-The-Seashore located about anywhere and the children are perhaps an older brother and younger sister.  What a great place to stand and watch the waves at any age.  Anyone ready to go barefoot and walk on the sand by the sea?

One of my favorite stories when I was eight years old was “The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore”. Did you know that Laura Lee Hope is the pseudonym for numerous writers under the Stratemeyer Syndicate including Edward Stratemeyer (1862-1930) himself, his daughter Harriet Stratemeyer Adams (1892-1982), Howard Roger Garis (1873–1962), and his wife Lilian McNamara Garis (d.1954) who wrote the Bobbsey Twins juvenile series. Laura Lee Hope was first used as a pseudonym in 1904 for the debut of the Bobbsey Twins and the author/s for the Bunny Brown series (20 vols. 1916-1931).

Written by Mary Gilmartin, February 28, 2015


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15 responses to “Art, Books and The Seashore

  1. Hi Mary – Alix, here – has a little bit of biography on your painter.
    PS The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries were childhood favourites – from the same stable, I believe.

  2. Kev

    Iove these kinds of paintings. Reminds me of some I used to see in my pictorial knowledge magazines when i was very young.

  3. The Stratemeyer Syndicate is one of my favorite topics :).

  4. Group efforts when done in good spirit are the producers of beautiful things.

  5. What a beautiful find – and I remember the Bobbsey twins as well

  6. I was thinking about you last weekend when we had lunch in Decatur. I mentioned to my daughter that I had a blogger friend who lived there, which seemed to surprise her (what, they don’t have bloggers in Atlanta??). I hope you are doing well despite the lack of blog posts. As for me, my grandson will be two weeks old tomorrow! Our lunch out in Decatur was the first time we went out with him after he was born.


    • Hi Nancy, thanks for your comment and dropping by my website for my recent posting. Now that the holidays, distractions and other projects are almost finished, I plan to post more frequently. And….Congratulations on the newborn.! ~Mary

  7. Love the sweet watercolor painting. It has such a wonderful touch of innocence and stirs fond memories of days at the beach when my daughters were little 🙂 – Karen

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