Atlanta 17 degrees and 3 inches of Snow, January 29th

It’s cold outside with temperatures 17°F that feels like 7°. There is more snow this morning in my backyard than predicted for this rare winter occurrence. The roads are icy, so I guess I will stay indoors today and let the birds & squirrels play in the snow while I wait for the sun to melt the ice.

1-Snow 2014

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, January 29, 2014


January 29, 2014 · 11:29 am

12 responses to “Atlanta 17 degrees and 3 inches of Snow, January 29th

  1. Beautiful “wintry” photos.

  2. It must be very strange to have those temperatures and snow in the South. All the birds that left here for there must not be too happy.

  3. We had 3 inches of snow in Knoxville today, and I so wanted to capture the birds at our feeder they way you do in your pictures. No even one snap was great, although I had fun standing silently in the snow . . . hoping! Thanks for showing me your snow day. I love these days!

    • Glad you liked my snap of the snowbird and my other snowy day photographs. The snow is nice to look at, but the iced roads in Atlanta caused a lot of grief for all those who tried to travel on them.

  4. Beautiful bird in the tree. I’m in the northeast. This winter has been relentless. I just wrote another post about snow, but also a new post today. Good Luck and stay warm

    • Normally the cardinals occupy the limbs on this tree outside my office window, but the snow brought this new visitor. I agree, the winter has been unusual and cold. Trying to stay warm in my house made of glass.

  5. Beautiful! I lived in Atlanta for two years when I was in high school. Love the pictures.

  6. looks like it’s time for another magic carpet flower drop!    the snow is always so beautiful, but i’m sure you’re all ready for sprintime!    z


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