San Francisco Excursion

Did you know that San Francisco once was an ancient river valley where creatures grazed and browsed and stalked their prey, left their bones? I didn’t until I read an inscription telling me about what was here 20,000 years ago. Is it possible that I’m walking above the ground where tusked elephants once roamed long before the Bay Bridge ever existed?

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 848

My decision to take a break traveling to the West Coast of the United States for a week was one of the best things I’ve done in a long time. What a wonderful view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Lands End! Here are some of the sights and things I did while I was there.

3- View of Golden Gate  SF 2013

Below are what’s left of the ruins of the Sutro Baths that once were a large, privately owned swimming pool complex  built-in the late 19th century. A building that housed the baths burned down in 1966 and afterwards it was abandoned.

1-Salt Baths SF 2013

My first day visiting ended with a beautiful “sunset on the beach.”

2-Sunset at beach SF 2013

Then, it was off to catch “The Marin” at the ferry dock that took me over to the island of Sausalito with its scenic waterfront and Mediterranean small town charm. Let me introduce you to “Peter and his dog Diamond” who play the guitar for the visitors.

Day 2 - Sasaulito - Peter and Diamond Dog Oct 2013
This view of Alcatraz is the closest that I got to this island because it closed the week I was visiting. However, the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco had a wonderful free exhibit enhanced with “Alcatraz: The Last Day” photo exhibition collection by Life Magazine photographer Leigh Wiener.

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 1944

The drive down the west coast with a wide-screen view of Big Sur coast was great even though the heavy fog seemed to cling for hours.

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 605

Lunch at Nepenthe, a restaurant located 808 feet above the Pacific Ocean in California, was wonderful.  It was there I found and purchased the following book written by Romney Steele whose maternal grandparents opened it in 1949. I learned it was once owned by Orson Welles and Rita Hayworth. The original cabin built-in 1925 by homesteader Sam Trotter for the Trails Club  was a favorite spot and that’s when her grandparents discovered it and bought it back in 1947. Presently the Nepenthe Restaurant, Phoenix Shop and Café Kevah are still operated by Bill & Lolly Lassett’s children and grandchildren.


Nepenthe - Big Sur Oct 2012

A visit to the shops at Carmel by the Sea and climbing a tree on the beach was fun. It was cool that evening, but the perfect patio table was found; and, it even came with its own heat lamp.

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 443

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 508
The tour and wine tasting at the Castello di Amorosa in Calistoga, California was worth the visit. Have you ever had a piece of “Cioccolata Con Sale Marino” (Sea Salt Chocolate) with a glass of wine?  If not, you must try it.  First a sip of wine, then a square of dark chocolate followed by another sip of wine.  Delicious!

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 1203

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 1222

The frescoes are by the artist Fabio Sanzogni and the story behind the building of Castello di Amorosa in the Napa Valley with the finish date of April 7, 2007, is fascinating. You can read about it on this link.

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 1237 copy


While at the  Castello di Amorosa I met a sleeping cat and grazing sheep outside the castle’s walls.

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 1333

The Imagery Estate Winery in the heart of Sonoma Valley was voted: “2013 – Best Sonoma Winery and their labels feature artwork commissioned from among the world’s most notable contemporary artists with a collection on permanent display in their tasting room gallery.  My souvenir was the following tumbled marble stone art from  2012 Winemaker’s Palette  that I will use as a coaster.



San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 1350

I found the perfect  veranda at Arrowood Vineyards and Winery  to spend an afternoon sampling and sipping a glass of wine. The view was spectacular with the Sonoma Mountains in the background.

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 1624

And don’t let me forget to tell you about the trip to the town of Sonoma where I found the most wonderful place for brunch called the Sunflower Caffé.

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 1438
There was so much to see and do back on the Streets  in San Francisco. The Farmers Markets that come twice a week brought fresh organic fruit and vegetables, the Coit Tower was stunning and driving Lombard Street (the steepest Street) a treat. A visit to Chinatown and afterwards to the Palace of Fine Arts was fun as well as watching kiteboarding at the yacht marina.

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 2079 copy

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 1128

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 432

San Francisco Trip Oct 2013 2191


This is one of the best birthday celebrations I’ve had in a long time!

024Here’s a toast to enjoying another birthday, just like this one, next year!

025 (2)

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, October 21, 2013


October 21, 2013 · 9:37 pm

23 responses to “San Francisco Excursion

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  2. Very nice Mary! Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  3. vera ersilia

    Thank you for taking me back to California where I lived for 30 years…. ( but Sausalito is not an island… it may look like that when you are down by the water, however it is part of Marin County and well attached to it….) The Sutro baths in SF were a well known place of rendez-vous for gay men in the 70s before AIDS became an epidemic.
    Next time don’t forget to go and see Jack London’s half burned Wolf House in the Valley of the Moon, north of SF. And further south you can find John Steinbeck’s ex-sardine factory, and the landscapes he describes so well.
    I will never forget the Peninsula hills covered with mustard flowers in early Summer and with California poppies in Spring. I spent many a day in those hills hiking the trails. The yellow poppies on both sides of the entrance to the Bay gave the name ‘Golden Gate’ when seen by Spanish ships at sea in the 18th century… Well… I’d better stop now… Bye, and thanks again. V.

    • You’re welcome and thanks for commenting with all the other places I missed seeing on this trip. I’ve heard the poppies are beautiful, so maybe Spring would be a good time to visit the next time.

  4. What a wonderful way to spend your birthday! Thanks for sharing your adventure. 😀

  5. Wow! This was a full, wonderful, vivid tour! I loved the adventure, and I wanted to order the fresh fruit torte and enjoy it on the veranda.
    Thanks for the colorful getaway, Mary!

  6. Lovely photos and an interesting post. Thanks for sharing your excursion.

  7. Amy

    Thank you for the wonderful tour of S.F. I feel like to visit there again, maybe soon 🙂

  8. Dear Mary,
    thanks for the fine text with your impressive pictures 🙂
    Greetings from the North Norfolk coast

  9. Great pictures! I just took the same route this summer with my family!

  10. What a wonderful trip! You visited some of my all-time favorite local places. And you passed by my house in Palo Alto 🙂

  11. Mary, What a journey! I can’t pick a favorite picture but I loved that you opened up with a bit of history. Sea Salt Chocolate and wine, eh? I think I could very well do that! 😀 Great seeing another post from you!

  12. Wow this was a great set of pics.. very sharp!!

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