Sculpture Garden on Peachtree Street

1-Peachtree Sculpture

My walk down a city street in Atlanta, Georgia last week took me past a Sculpture Garden in front of the national headquarters for the Boys & Girls Club of America (BGCA). Did you know that their clubs have been helping kids reach their full potential for more than 150 years? This all started back in 1860 when the first club was formed in Hartford, Connecticut.

There is a commemorative plaque in this garden dedicating these children sculptures to the memory of Hays Clark, 1918-2005 who was a powerful force for positive change at Boys & Girls Clubs of America. What a wonderful tribute to such a great cause and organization!

6-Peachtree Sculpture

4-Peachtree Sculpture



Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, October 1,2013


October 1, 2013 · 12:43 am

17 responses to “Sculpture Garden on Peachtree Street

  1. Amy

    How lovely! These statues have wonderful messages and meanings. Thanks, Mary!

  2. Loved the post and the initiative taken in Atlanta so many decades back.Apart from embodying the child in all these sculptures, did they also promote Sculpturing as a creative pastime for children?


  3. As always, another wonderful educational experience with photos to match! 🙂 Thanks Mary!

  4. Love these sculptures and your treatment of the photos — the circles! Nice!

  5. Th young boy sitting ‘on top of the world’ is superb on many levels

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