Dogs, A puppy named Scotty

1-my book  A Giant Little Golden Book on Dogs

There’s a book in my bookcase written by Kathleen N. Daly called “The Giant Little Golden Book of Dogs.” It’s one of the few remaining that I still have from my childhood.

It’s illustrated by Tibor Gergely and inside this book are pictures of big dogs and little dogs with tips on training. There is even one story about the first dog who made friends with man and it may have been a puppy who came to warm himself at a caveman’s fire.

The Scottish Terrier is the first dog that I remember when I was a kid. Scotty was a small puppy and liked to dig holes in our front yard. But, he only stayed long enough to visit because my mother said “dogs don’t belong indoors” and she meant it. I sometimes think about him and wish my brothers had built him a dog house. Maybe then she would have allowed us to keep him. But, instead she gave me a stuffed bear that I named Teddy.

Last year I saw a Fluffy Brown Dog in the park that looked just like my little Teddy.

Cute dog Baby Bear

Here’s the photograph.

Written by Mary Gilmartin, August 16, 2013


August 16, 2013 · 12:01 am

8 responses to “Dogs, A puppy named Scotty

  1. Yep. You’re right. Gotta love em.

  2. Genie

    What a totally adorable poodle!

  3. I remember having a bunch of Little Golden Books as a kid, but I don’t think I ever had a Giant Little Golden Book. The oxymoron appeals to me.

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