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007 my collection of SK books

I don’t know how many books the author, Stephen King, has published or the total number for his written works because I haven’t counted them. But, what I do know is that it’s more than the 36 hardback books that I have on two shelves in my home library with his name on them.

My book - SK on writingThe other Stephen King book I have in my collection is non-fiction and it’s the one that I keep in my office next to my dictionary and thesaurus. It’s called, On Writing by Stephen King, A Memoir of the Craft.”

Stephen King’s fictional stories are memorable and there are a couple of them that I have read that I think I’ll probably never forget. The first tale is “Autopsy Room Four” and it can be found inside his book “Everything’s Eventual” that has 14 dark tales. The first time I read it I remember feeling like I had stepped into the character’s shoes experiencing what he was going through. Synopsis: The last thing Howard Cottrell remembers is entering the woods to find his golf ball. He wakes up as he is being rolled into an autopsy room, but is completely paralyzed and unable to let the attendants know he is still alive.005 copy of my book front cover

006 copy of my book front coverThe other one is a novella that can be found inFour Past Midnight and it’s called “The Langoliers.” I remember seeing it when it first aired on television in 1995. Synopsis: A group of travelers on a red-eye flight from California to Maine wake up to discover that most of their fellow passengers have vanished mid-flight, along with the pilots and flight attendants.

I’m sure if you’ve ever read a Stephen King book, you probably will remember it.

Written by Mary Gilmartin, August 6, 2013


August 6, 2013 · 12:01 am

12 responses to “Authors, Stephen King

  1. i’ve always loved his writings, and you’re right, “On Writing” is special as well.
    every so often a phrase will drift through my head, ‘the sparrows are flying…’ and i am again in the middle of a page turner! z

  2. You shelves look like mine, I have 44 books, one screenplay and assorted magazines, etc. with him in them.

    • I think your number has succeeded mine. The collecting of his books all started one day when my teenager daughter started reading Stephen King. And, his ‘Dolores Clairborne’ is probably the book I can call my favorite.

      • “Claiborne” isn’t my favorite, but it is unique – not too many writers would even attempt to write an entire book that way. Mine has got to be the Dark Tower series.

  3. Nice article. Stephen King has written 50 books (soon to be 51, I believe, come September). He has penned more than 150 short stories. His “On Writing” book is wonderful. He writes so much more than just horror stories; if horror is not a genre for you, then I would highly recommend checking out King’s Green Mile, 11/22/63 or his newest book Joyland”.

    • You’re right about the book “Green Mile.” It’s a great read and made into a movie starring Tom Hanks, probably one of his best. Thanks for the update on the number of books and short stories he has written.

  4. I could never get into Stephen King’s fiction – it was all a bit too horrific for me – but I do have his book ‘On Writing’ and it is brilliant.

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