Games, Chess anyone?

1-the Game of Chess copy

Last week I  took a photograph of this sculpture of a chessboard and its pieces in a courtyard. Do many people play the game of chess here? Maybe the next time I’ll ask.  In the meantime, I’m busy editing Book 2 in the Adventures with Easton series and this sculpture reminds me of a conversation that takes place between two nine-year old boys  in Chapter 7.

Now,  I wonder if I have told the reader enough about the game of chess or should I add more details other than there are sixty-four squares arranged in an eight-by-eight grid on the chessboard and two sets of sixteen pieces? The object of the game is to attack and capture the king. And, the game is over when one of player checkmates the other.

Who knows how to play the game?

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, July 21, 2013


July 21, 2013 · 5:20 pm

24 responses to “Games, Chess anyone?

  1. I remember when I was young, playing chess with my father. When just adult our home was burnt by flashlight. We lost all our things and after that I have not played chess.

  2. Used to play a lot with my dad when I was young and then life went and got in the way.

    • And, living life is a good thing even when you don’t find time to sit down for a game of chess. I think it’s a great game and keeps the mind sharp, just like reading and writing.

  3. samuelqvs

    Wow. So much to say – to explain how the pieces move wouldn’t be efficient here as you could google it but the objective is to capture the opponent’s king and win. It’ll be a lot easier if you have more pieces than your opponent so make sacrifices to capture more pieces than you lose. If you can capture the king outright then even better. When starting a move combination, you always have to plan moves ahead, taking into account all the possible outcomes. If I do this then he does this, then I do this and so on. The only way to really learn is by playing better opponents so I suggest you get the app and play when you can. There are some really good players there.

    • Thanks for your comment and suggestion about planning your moves ahead. Now, the challenge is to predict the outcome with all possibilities. I’ll make sure to capture my opponent’s king and win when I play the game. But, if I don’t win that round, then I’ll try playing another hand.

  4. When I was in sixth form we had a new rather attractive young Latin teacher (male). He started a chess club so along with another schoolfriend from years back (ie age 4) I joined. Every Friday lunchtime Fiona and I played chess. Uselessly I am sure, but it was fun.

    These days I stick to draughts. My partner learned to play chess as an apprentice so would no doubt beat me to pieces, and when we play draughts he always wins the first few games until I wake up. I do like games, cards included, but chess always seems to be that much too heavy and headache-inducing. Bad enough playing chess. And then there is backgammon which I quite like as I usually win 🙂 And dominoes. I win at that too, so therefore I like it.

    Oddly another blog friend wrote about eGames and I mentioned real games on there so it seems topical at the moment. Thanks for your comment on Everypic btw.

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    Very Fascinating Blog!!!!!

  6. Chess is such an intellectual pursuit. “Game of Thrones” reminds me of a real life chess set – jeopardizing the queen, killing the knights, sending out the pawns to sacrifice. I’ve always wanted to play on one of those life-sized boards. It looks amazing.

    • Certainly playing a game of chess with all the pieces being real could be a dangerous game. But, to play the game on a life-sized board would be treat and I found out this one I photographed is a working chess game set.

  7. 1. I see no reason why a game of chess could not be played in the courtyard. I suppose it would be easier to play it from say, a ladder, so you could visualize the moves more easily, then have an assistant actually move the pieces.

    2. Don’t know much about chess. Have only played a very few times. If the reader needs to know about specific moves to follow the story, then I guess you should include more info about chess. Otherwise, just let the dialog unfold as a conversation about one person learning the basics from another.

    3. Feel free to ignore all my thoughts, as I have never written fiction in my life!

    • Thanks for commenting. Maybe the next time I visit this courtyard, I’ll try my hand at a game of chess. In the meantime, thanks for your observation and thoughts. The reader understanding the dialog is important and perhaps learning chess is more non-fiction than fiction.

  8. Forest So Green

    I haven’t played chess in years but I think you capture the king, not all the pieces 🙂

    • Now, that’s probably right. Thanks for commenting. I’ll check into it and make any necessary adjustments. I tried to learn a long time ago, but it was on a computer enhanced version of chess and I don’t remember much.

  9. All You Need Is A Sharp Knife And A Good Chunk Of Wood ! By Carl D’Agostino

    google above – make them much better than I play

    • Okay, I found it and what a great-looking chess set made out of wood. You are certainly talented. Now, how do you play the game of chess? I need some descriptive moves to write about since I’ve never had time to learn. Thanks.

  10. Your new theme has a professional look. I love the large font. 🙂

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