Sculpture, A golfer or hiker?

During an episode of curiosity, I started researching the origin of one of my bronze sculptures.  The lady dressed in turn of the century clothing is carrying a backpack.

Is she getting ready for golfing, as the sticker on the bottom implies (Lady Golfer); or is this actually (Lady Hiker)?

Sometimes I envision she is standing on top of a high mountain overlooking a green valley with a stream that runs through the middle.  And, yet on another day I envision she is ready for a game of golf on the turf.”

2-lady sculpture


After checking information about the manufacturer and trying to decipher the inscription on the base, I believe  it’s a sculpture by Alexsander Danel from what research I could find on this link showing a similar statue. So, that ends this story and searching for answers behind this decorative piece that’s happy to sit on top of one of my bookcases.

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, July 13, 2013



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9 responses to “Sculpture, A golfer or hiker?

  1. It’s a pretty little piece. The Western Heritage Museum in Omaha had some life sized ones like this. They had motion detectors near them and they’d start talking when you walked by.


  2. I would vote for “wanna-be” hiker–she’s got the walking stick, the canteen, and the bugs-off scarf, but her shoes are definitely “city lady”.

  3. I vote for hiker, not only because I am one too. 🙂

    • Thanks for the hiker vote. This statue reminds me of myself when I hiked the mountains of North Carolina where I grew up. Guess it’s time to get out of the city and take a long hike. PS: I enjoy reading your postings about all the hikes you take.

  4. Certainly doesn’t look like a golfer 🙂

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