Travel, San Francisco & Alcatraz

It’s been a long time since I last traveled to San Francisco. I wonder if they still take photographs of the visitors as they board the Bay Cruise to Alcatraz, like the one taken of me back when I wore my hair cut with bangs page-boy style? It looks like I must have taken my favorite purse-size umbrella because I see it in this photograph. And, the remarkable thing about this umbrella is that it folds flat and great for travel. It’s amazing that I still have it some fifteen years later. Now that’s a record for not losing an umbrella.

Maybe it’s time to revisit San Francisco sometime later this year. I wonder what I will find this time?

PS: UPDATE:Here’s what I found on my re-visit to San Francisco:

1-San Francisco Alcatraz copy

2-San Francisco

3-Script Acatraz, San Francisco

Written by Mary Gilmartin, July 10, 2013



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7 responses to “Travel, San Francisco & Alcatraz

  1. I’m here now and I think I will go to Alcatraz after reading that odd-sounding word here in the course of a few simple messages from others. Alcatraz. I will say it when I step onto it. And let you know about the deal on the pictures. Looks like something right out of Love Boat there Mary!

  2. What interesting timing…I will be in San Francisco on Sunday! Last I heard, Alcatraz is closed now! I still remember going as a kid and being locked, if only for a moment, in solitary confinement. Yikes!

  3. My favorite city… But I still haven’t made it to Alcatraz! I love the pictures, very nostalgic…

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