Books, Grandpa’s Little Girls’ House-Boat Party

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When cataloguing some of my old children’s books I came across one that was published in 1910, over a hundred years ago. The only biography I could find about the author, Alice Turner Curtis, was that she was an American published author of children’s books. Her Grandpa’s Little Girls series (1907- 1912) were popular, as well as the Little Maid series (1913-1937) and the Yankee Girl series (1920-1930). Yet, this brief information only makes me want to read what’s inside the cover of this old book and find out what she has written.

What I like about some of the old books I find are the illustrations. The illustrator for this book, Wuanita Smith (1866-1959) was a painter, printmaker, and illustrator of children’s books. Source: Nantucket Historical Association

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Written by Mary Gilmartin, July 9, 2013



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4 responses to “Books, Grandpa’s Little Girls’ House-Boat Party

  1. Alice Turner Curtis was born in Sullivan Maine, September 6, 1860, to John Vinal Turner and Susan Staples. She married Irving Curtis in Boston in May 1895. She lived in Needham and Newburyport, Massachusetts, and died on July 10, 1958. She is buried with her husband in Skowhegan, Maine.

  2. Amy

    I like the illustrations of an old book.

    • I agree and there are some classic illustrations in some of the old books that I find. And, there’s something special about reading the stories written hundreds of years ago on paper that continues to age.

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