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Author, Harry Bernstein (1910 –2011)

I feel fortunate to have found and read Harry Bernstein’s eloquent memoir. It’s one of those hardback book that somehow was left waiting for me to come along and purchase at a Borders Bookstore the last day they went out of  business. Now, it stands proudly alongside my other books  in my home library.”

That’s what I wrote in my review last year after I read “The Golden Willow.” It’s a story of a lifetime of love and one that I plan to re-read someday after I read his two other books, “The Invisible Wall” and “The Dream.” Harry Bernstein published his first book in his later years living to be 101 years old. You can read more about him on this link here.



Written by Mary Gilmartin, June 24, 2013


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Riding the Scenic Railroad Train in the Park

All abroad!”  Scenic Train Number 5896  is leaving promptly at 2:40 pm today.2-Riding train in Stn Mtn Park

11-Riding train in Stn Mtn Park

3-Riding train in Stn Mtn Park

5-Riding train in Stn Mtn Park

Riding train in Stn Mtn Park 022

8-Riding train in Stn Mtn Park

6-Riding train in Stn Mtn Park

7-Riding train in Stn Mtn Park

9-Riding train in Stone Mtn Park1-Riding train in Stn Mtn Park

2A-Riding train in Stone Mtn Park

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, June 22, 2013


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Nestlé USA, Chocolate and Cheese

Nestle- Chocolat poster copy

During my working career for large corporations, one of the subsidiary companies of Nestlé, known as Gerber International Foods, was the most interesting job that I held. I was responsible for the imported cheese products from Europe for our USA based customers during those ten years.

When I found the following flyer featuring Norway’s unique goatsmilk cheese in some of my papers, I knew exactly how old it was and where it came from. It reminded me of that little cheese shop in Asheville, North Carolina that always ordered our imported Norwegian cheeses, especially the Jarlsberg and Gouda. Ah, such memorable days of when I brought home many European cheeses to sample.

2-Norway Cheese flyer

And, over the years there have been many changes and many new wonderful products introduced by Nestlé worldwide.  Here’s are just a few that I found that are interesting. I hope you like them.

Nestlé – Switzerland:

For chocolate lovers…
Especially for dog owners…

Nestle Skiiny Cow  truck  copy

And, before I forget it… . Just the other day I saw a big truck with the name, Nestlé, on the cab and guess what? It was advertising “Skinny Cow” 100 Calories of Sheer Yum – (ice cream on a stick ): Yummy Nestlé Chocolate, it’s always been one of my favorites.

The history of Nestlé can be found on this link.

Written by Mary Gilmartin, June 21, 2013


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Art, Framed Prints For Only $1.00

4-Closeup of Girl in Wicker ChairIt doesn’t take much money to buy great prints of art that are “professionally framed” in a thrift store. Today, I found one that I liked and now it hangs in my office along with all the other paintings I find for only $1.00.

1-Girl In Wicker Chair
As I was hanging it on the wall, I noticed another one I had found months ago and it looks like it must have come from the same original owner as the frames are identical.

1-Boy and Girl on Beach2-Closeup of Boy and Girl on Beach

Written by Mary Gilmartin, June 20, 2013


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The Old Gristmill and The Covered Bridge

Gristmill at Stone Mountain Park 2013

Once upon a time “The Old Gristmill” was a place where you would find someone grinding cornmeal to sell to the visitors.  Now-a-days when you visit Stone Mountain Park you will find this building empty, but this wheel still turns reminding us of its purpose.

Wheel of Gristmill

Sideview of Gristmill at Stone Mountain Park

And, perhaps after you have your picnic underneath the trees on the hill overlooking The Old Gristmill,” then you will venture beyond it walking along the trail beside the lake. At the end of your walk you will discover The Covered Bridge.”

1-Walk in Park

2-Covered bridgeAnd,  then you will walk across the covered bridge to the other side where you will find yourself on Indian Island.

3-Walk across covered bridge

1-Covered Bridge in Fall

And, after your tour of the small island you will walk back across the bridge and follow the walking trail that will bring you back to The Gristmill.” where your adventure started.

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, June 19, 2013


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