The-Tree-People, continued—

The-TreePeople 06-25-2013 (4)

The bench is empty and unoccupied this morning. And, even when someone does sit down and looks across the lake, I wonder if they see what I see.

The-TreePeople 06-25-2013 (3)

It’s been almost a month since I discovered this place walking through the woods near the lake.  This section is unusually quiet with no activity except from those who watch over it. I call them “The-Tree-People” © and they live on the shores among the trees. Do you see them?

The-TreePeople 06-25-2013 (6)

The-TreePeople 06-25-2013 (7)

The-TreePeople 06-25-2013 (8)

The-TreePeople 06-25-2013 (1)

My first posting about these unique Cypress knees is on this link and here’s an interesting article I found that may or may not explain this mystery.

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, June 28, 2013


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8 responses to “The-Tree-People, continued—

  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing your tree people!

  2. Nicely imagined – there is something slightly disturbing about the “little people”- for some reason this film gave me nightmares as a kid –'Gill_and_the_Little_People

    • I’m sure some things are scary to kids, but when I was growing up I don’t remember ever having nightmares. But, maybe that’s because I begged my little brother to stay up late to watch them with me.

  3. vera ersilia

    Hi! i saw your first post and was intrigued but the mystery has been revealed… it is perfectly natural for these trees to put out roots with those deformations – we anthropophormize them, that’s all. It is even fun to do it!

  4. look like little ‘breathing knees’ to me. Just delightful

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