Rabbit In My Backyard

Late this afternoon I saw a rabbit in my backyard. When he saw me he stopped; and, did not move so this gave me enough time to grab my camera. While he stood there posing, I started walking towards him to get a better view. That’s when he decided to hop away and hide in the bushes. I think he’s cute, so I’ll name him “Chester-the-Rabbit.”

(Eastern Cottontail Rabbit)

Did you know about 16 different species of wild rabbits live in the United States and the most common is the Eastern Cottontail? And, if you are wondering what a wild rabbit eats, it’s mostly plant matter such as various grasses, tree bark, clover, vegetables, fruits and legumes. Rabbits have long ears and excellent hearing to detect danger. Their hind legs enable them to run quickly. Most of the species of wild rabbits have a short tail, with the cottontail’s being white and their fur is usually brown, gray, and with mixtures of the two colors. The rabbits’ eyes are high and to the sides of their head making it possible for them to see nearly 360 degrees. They can see either sideways or straight ahead and sometimes behind them.

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, June 26, 2013


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8 responses to “Rabbit In My Backyard

  1. Excellent photo of him! It is not always easy to get a good chance to photograph them.

  2. What a cutie! Amazing eyes they have. Thanks for linking this for me, I LOVE bunnies.

  3. There is a family of rabbits that come to my backyard every year, and I believe they are the cottontails. Love them, since I grew up reading Peter Rabbit. I see a family of chipmunks too.

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