A Walk With Nature

1-Walk in Park by Nature TrailEarly this morning I decided to take a detour from my normal walking path which takes me down the hill for one mile.

4-Walk in the Park by Nature Trail

The Nature Trail takes me past many plants that have plates identifying them.

16-Walk in Park by Nature Trail Oakleaf Hydrangea is a perennial shrub that grows 4″ in partial shade or full sun.

15-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

13-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

14-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

Stoker Aster (Stokesia Laeris)

2-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

3-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

Mushroom with a unique center design.

10-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

12-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

11-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

St John’s Wort is a perennial shrub with bright showy yellow flowers. Here’s an interesting article on StreetsofSalem about St. John’s Wort.

7-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

And, my walk keeps taking me deeper into the woods.

6-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

Pine Tree  that looks 4 stories high with a thick trunk. I wonder how old it is…

8-Walk in Park by Nature TrailHardwood tree with moss growing at the base.

9-Walk in the Park by Nature Trail

The stream of water must be attracting the bugs. There’s one buzzing above my head right now. Guess it’s time to get out of these woods.

16-A-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

Now,  it’s back up the hill keeping on the walking trail with a canopy of trees to shade me from the hot morning sun.

19-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

And, over the bridge I walk pass the Mimosa Tree again.

18-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

 Hummingbirds love to feed on the Mimosa’s flowers, but I didn’t see one this morning.
20-Walk in Park by Nature Trail

So, this ends my walk with nature this morning.  I hope you enjoyed the tour.

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, June 25, 2013


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21 responses to “A Walk With Nature

  1. I wish I could see mimosa tree on my walks. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. Growing up, I had a huge mimosa tree in the backyard with purple flowers – now I can’t even find mimosa seeds. Down here in Fla. the poincianas are everywhere. Thanks for the memory.

    • You’re welcome for the memory. Standing underneath a mimosa tree, looking up and traveling back through time is a great thing to do wherever you are. Next time I travel to Florida I’ll make sure to stand underneath one of your poincianas and take a photograph. Thanks for commenting.

  3. Mimosas are one of my favorite flowers! I’ve never gotten up close and personal with the tree variety, but wild vine version with very similar flower grows in a corner of my yard.
    great post!

    • And, they are one of the hummingbird’s favorite flowers too. I remember watching them for hours flutter around the mimosas flowers on a tree outside my bedroom window when I was a small child. I’m glad you liked this post. Visit again, anytime.

  4. I enjoyed it!!! 🙂 more walks plz lol…

  5. What a beautiful and inspiring place. Thank you for sharing your morning walk.

  6. Dear Mary!
    I absolutely loved your walk and what gorgeous sights along the way! How your heart must soar to see these beautiful flowers, solid trees and feel the silence of the woods. The Mimosa flowers are exquisite. Thank you for the loveliness!! Hugs, Sharon

  7. Nice walk…Is this place anywhere near New England?

  8. vera ersilia

    A great refreshing walk, thank you.
    PS: the Mimosa that you show is the American mimosa from the Southern states. There is another kind with great masses of soft yellow grape-like flowers early in spring that is native to the warmer parts of Italy and Europe. It grows in California and blooms before all other trees.

    • The Mimosa is one of my favorite trees and I image the one you describe is a great one too.

      • vera ersilia

        Google “yellow mimosa” and you’ll see why I love it – the little pom-poms do not last very long but they look fabulous when you gather large armful to bring inside to put in a vase.

  9. artscottnet

    What a wonderful walk and beautiful images, Mary. Thank you for sharing

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