Photography, Sleeping Ferrets

When do ferrets sleep?

They sleep during the daytime as witnessed by the photograph I took at a pet store today where I saw two ferrets, one white and the other dark brown, in a cage.

Ferret Pose 2 2013

Photo  of Ferrets Sleeping

Now, you’re probably wondering what’s the attraction to sleeping ferrets in a cage anyway, aren’t you?  Well, it was because in my first book, Adventures with Easton, The Magical Journey one of the characters is a ferret given to Easton, the main character, as a present when he was seven years old.  You may find it interesting to know that most writers do research when they write a book. That was the case when I started writing about a nine-year old boy.

The inspiration to include a ferret as a pet in my book came from actually watching someone’s pet ferret wander from corner to corner in a room and thinking, what a great pet for a boy to have. Thus, another character in my story developed, one who was mischievous and always wanted to escape the surroundings of his cage.

“What is a domestic ferret? The domestic or “pet” ferret is a member of the weasel family and a descendant of the European Polecat. Some other members of the weasel family are minks, otters, and the endangered Black-Footed Ferret. Domestic ferrets have been domesticated for thousands of years and are not wild animals. Once working animals, they were (and still are in the UK and some other countries) used for ridding barns of rodents and for flushing rabbits from their dens (ferreting). In the United States they are lovable house pets.” Source: Everything Ferret

PS:  If you’re thinking of getting a ferret for a pet, you may want to do some research (just like I did as a writer) before you buy one.

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, June 17, 2013



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2 responses to “Photography, Sleeping Ferrets

  1. Ferrets are amazing little animals. If you have any questions about ferrets, I’d be happy to try to answer them for you. I wrote quite a bit about my ferrets a while back. I wrote it here

    Hope you have a great week. I really appreciate you “PS” at the end of this piece. I think a lot of people rush into purchasing ferrets, which never works out for either party.

    • Thanks, David, for commenting. And, your article gives a good view about ferrets. Glad you liked my postscript because I believe everyone should do their homework before choosing a pet. PS: Keep writing and I will visit your site to read more of your stories when I find time.

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