Laura Lee Hope & The Bobbsey Twins

Did you know that Laura Lee Hope is the pseudonym for numerous writers under the Stratemeyer Syndicate including Edward Stratemeyer (1862-1930) himself, his daughter Harriet Stratemeyer Adams (1892-1982), Howard Roger Garis (1873–1962), and his wife Lilian McNamara Garis (d.1954) who wrote the Bobbsey Twins juvenile series?  Source: The Literature Network

1-Bobbsey Twins book

The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore” was one of my favorite stories when I was growing up: Chapter 1 begins… “ HURRAH, we’re off to the seashore!” shouted Bert Bobbsey. It was a beautiful morning, the very first day of August, that the Bobbseys started for Ocean Cliff.They had spent the month of July at Meadow Brook Farm with Uncle Daniel, Aunt Sarah,and their young cousin Harry. “Get in, everybody,” said Uncle Daniel at the wheel of his station wagon, “or we may miss the train.”

After reading the above excerpt from the Bobbsey Twins trip to the seashore I ,now, know why I liked this book so much!  It was because I grew up on a farm and we never had the opportunity to go to the seashore when I was a child.  My adventure and experiencing it was through reading books like this.

Laura Lee Hope was first used as a pseudonym in 1904 for the debut of the Bobbsey Twins and the author/s for the Bunny Brown series (20 vols. 1916-1931). The front cover (below) of my copy of “Bunny Brown and His Sister Sue And Their Shetland Pony” is from 1918; and the illustration looks like Bunny Brown has his bucket ready for a day of fun in the sand at the seashore…(Note: The illustrator for the cover was Frances England Nasworthy (United States  1872-1936)  and this “same cover” is featured on other books in the Bunny Brown series.)

3-Bunny Brown book

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, June 16, 2013



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6 responses to “Laura Lee Hope & The Bobbsey Twins

  1. I loved the Bobbsey Twins as a child! I used to spend the summers up at my grandparent’s cabin in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and my grandmother had a bookshelf full of Bobbsey Twins and Hardy Boys from when my mother and uncle were kids. I consumed every one of them!

  2. Lovely. Brings back memories of those innocent days…

  3. I missed out on almost all of these classics because the only books I read had to be about horses. A brief incursion into a series of books about presidents’ wives, then back to the horses. I don’t think I even knew about the Bobbsey Twins, and certainly wasn’t interested in Nancy Drew. Well, as they say, you can’t go home again!

    • I guess we read the books that we’re exposed to when we are kids, but now I read about everything, fiction and non-fiction. I never read Nancy Drew even though I found three books that sit next to a collection of,”The Hardy Boys” series on my bookcase and perhaps read the one called, The House on The Cliff, by Franklin W. Dixon. It’s cover looks interesting. And, check and see if I have a copy of Black Beauty.

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