Photography, Kenny Rogers’ America

During the process of organizing my books I came across a photography book that I thought I had lost. It’s called Kenny Rogers’ America by Kenny Rogers. You probably didn’t know that one of his accomplishments was photography as well as musical recordings and being on television & movies plus performing on the concert stage. Recently, the Country Music Hall of Fame inducted him as one of their newest members.

The book, Kenny Rogers’ America, is a hardback collection of over one-hundred photographs celebrating the beauty of our country published in 1986.  He photographed them during one of his annual concert tours that took him from the East Coast to the West Coast of America. In the foreword of the book, the last sentence, “He also discovered the majesty of America,” sums up the spirit of Kenny Rogers’ photographs published in this book.

One of my favorite photographs is the one featured on the front of this book. Inside on page 30 you will find the following explanation:

When you are filming a movie, there is a lot of downtime to fill.  They told me I had a couple of hours to kill one day during Wild Horses, so I rounded up some real cowboys__not the Hollywood kind__for a group portrait.  The guys really ended up liking this shot.  As for the dog, he was the perfect model.  The next day, these cowhands were rounding up horses.  I liked the pattern of the light and dark animals as they were milling around the coral.  I climbed up on top of the barn and took a quick shot.  I was glad I worked fast, because by the time I loaded another film holder into the camera someone had spooked the horses and they had all taken off.”

1-2013-Kenny Rogers' book 1986

Written by Mary Gilmartin, May 16, 2013


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8 responses to “Photography, Kenny Rogers’ America

  1. Great Mary, love it! In the NW they are called buckaroos, believe it or not.

  2. Great photo. I love their poses. They look like they have lived hard lives with a lot of work. Interesting post Mary.

  3. Interesting post. I did not know that Kenny Rogers enjoyed photography.

  4. I like the way many Americans can relate to horses; it is special and something to be proud of.

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