Authors, James Clavell (1925-1994)

James Clavell's The Little Samurai, Thrump-O-Moto

The spine of a children’s book shelved on a bookcase to the right of my computer table in my office library captured my attention today. And, wondering what is written inside I stopped what I was doing and started reading. The title of this book is  “The Little Samurai, Thrump-O-Moto”  written by James Clavell and Designed/Illustrated by George Sharp.

This book is about a little girl who lives on the edge of the Australian outback. It’s about her adventure with a tiny samurai who drops from a jacaranda tree in their garden.  The story’s focus is on this tiny wizard and the young girl’s hope for a cure for her handicap. They both are brave when they travel to Japan. I like the way the story weaves together around dreams, danger and fantasy concluding with a happy ending.

And, if you aren’t familiar with this author, James Clavell,  I’m sure you’ll recognize the names of many of his other novels like, King Rat in 1983, Shogun, a novel of Japan in 1975 and Whirlwind in 1986.  He was Australian-born and probably is best known for his epic Asian Saga series of novels and their televised adaptations, along with such films as The Great Escape and To Sir, with Love.

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, May 1, 2013



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12 responses to “Authors, James Clavell (1925-1994)

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  2. Exciting book that inspires courage.

  3. I knew about his films but not this book – he certainly had a diverse range. I have never forgotten King Rat – the sort of film that appealed to a young teenage boy; a world away from The Little Samurai.

  4. Great post. I read Shogun in its day but knew nothing else about the author. Thank you for educating me. V.

    • I’m glad you learned something today and you’re welcome. Perhaps since I am now writing fulltime, when I pick up a book to read I want to find out as much as I can about the person who wrote it and other books perhaps they have written.

      • Yes, I do that too, but I have read very few novels lately. That stage was in the 70-80s. Now I read history, science, or historic novels like Ken Follet’s medieval novel about the building of a cathedral.

  5. I read a lot of Clavell many years ago, and the sense of familiarity of the context with his Asian novels that are set in Hong Kong is almost endearing. I love through some of those times.

    • His books are certainly interesting reads and I’m glad to hear that you are familiar with them. Clavell being wounded, captured and being a Japanese prisoner-of-war I’m sure bleed into some of his novel writings.

  6. isn’t it great to open a book and then be transported into another world? sounds like a great book by a very talented author. thanks for the review!

    • Yes, it is and you’re welcome for the review. To me, writing is just like reading and painting, I visualize the story in my mind through reading and when I view a painting, like your wonderful art, I write a story in my mind..

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