The Piano and Perseverance

I learned how to play the piano when I was ten years old on a Baldwin piano.  Recently I found a plaque reminding me of the lesson I learned from this experience and the meaning of the word, perseverance.

That thing that makes you stick with a job till it’s done. Your own built-in taskmaster. When a child learns to play the piano, he is also learning perseverance. To take the mystery out of notes and rhythms, and turn it into music, takes determination. Persistence. A healthy stubbornness is accomplishment. Can your child attain this quality? Of course. Musically, the means to this end is through a little stick-to-it-iveness. Continued effort.  After a while this effort will turn to habit.  A good habit that will benefit any endeavor: music, school work…almost anything you can think of.
*Courtesy of Baldwin Piano & Organ Company

Perserverance 004 copy copy


The “Baldwin Piano” became the choice instrument for many homes as well as many famous artists that included Dave Brubeck and Leonard Bernstein. In 2001 Gibson Guitar Corporation purchased the company.

Written by Mary Gilmartin, March 15, 2013


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4 responses to “The Piano and Perseverance

  1. I took piano lessons from age 8 to 18. My teachers thought I was pretty good at it, although I knew I didn’t have that quickness of learning that true musicians have. I’ve always been a plodder, no matter what I am trying to learn! No matter, it just takes me longer than some folks. No Baldwin in our house, although various teachers had Steinway or Baldwin. Mine was made by M. Schulz Co., and was very old–apparently they weren’t manufactured after 1930.

  2. That plak speaks volumes. Piano lessons are now on the list for my girls. Thank you! 🙂

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