Alpine Village, Helen, Georgia

My travels into the North Georgia mountains on Friday took me farther north to an alpine village in Helenafter my first stop to visit Gibbs Gardens that I featured on my earlier posting.

The Alpine look of Helen to the faces of all the buildings with painted scenes of Bavaria and cobblestone streets is an interesting place to visit. It’s where festivals and special events happen in a Bavarian atmosphere.

The streets were empty and shops were closing when we arrived late in the afternoon.

I plan to come back in October when they host the longest Oktoberfest in the South.

Helen, Georgia Streets 03-07-2013

Helen, Ga-the River-03-07-2013

Helen, Ga-German Beer-03-07-2013

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, March 10, 2013


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13 responses to “Alpine Village, Helen, Georgia

  1. Pit

    Hi Mary,
    you’re most welcome.
    Best regards from southern Texas,

  2. Kev

    What a beautiful place! Have you ever visited Scottsdale, AZ. Old town Scottsdale is really pretty too! 🙂

    • No, I haven’t been to your Old town Scottsdale, but took a glance at the history online. They mention olive trees as old as the town itself that were planted in1896 by Chaplain Winfield Scott, the founder of Scottsdale. Looks like an interesting place.

  3. What a beautiful village! This is definitely on my list to visit and isn’t that far away.

  4. Yes, the buildings are attractive and colorful. When I visit again, I’ll post some more on this place.

  5. It is an intriguing place with more activity in the summer like tubing down the river. There are others small towns nearby, i.e. Dahlonega that are of interest too. And of course, where I live there is a lot of civil war history surrounding the area.

  6. Looks intriguing. I am only a few states away from Georgia….

  7. Pit

    Hi Mary,
    Thanks for sharing that information. I’ve just put Helen on our bucket list.
    Best regards from southern Texas, and have a wonderful Sunday,

    • You’re welcome. Just wondering if I put some place in Texas on my bucket list, where would you suggest?

      • Pit

        Hi Mary,
        Now that, suggesting some place in Texas that is worth putting on your bucket list – that’s a tall order considering how big and diverse Texas is, and considering that I am a relative newcomer to Texas. But still:
        Our favourite places at the Gulf Coast are Port Aransas and Rockport/Fulton. You might want to check out my posts about those two places. But they’re more locally known. Maybe Galveston would be the better choice for someone visiting from a different state.
        And then there’s the Hill Country. That’s a really wonderful area, and Fredericksburg is well worth a stay. Spring, when the flowers are in full bloom, is the time to go there. But then, every tourist knows that and thus it tends to be crowded on the highways and byways. But there are still roads that are lovely and not too much frequented. I wouldn’t recommend the Willow City Loop [] near Fredericksburg: everybody goes there. The Burnet Chamber of Commerce usually has recommendations on their website [], and those roads are less travelled. For the Bluebonnet Festival, check this out:
        Other than those areas, there are
        – Caddo Lake in East Texas
        – Houston’s bayous
        – Big Bend area [I can really recommend that, not only because my wife and I spent our honeymoon there]
        – Palo Duro Canyon in the Panhandle
        – The Lost Maples [], somewhat like New England down here in the south.
        Those are the areas that sprang to my mind when you asked. Maybe there’s something to your liking. I hope you’ll make it down here some time. If so, just let me know. Maybe we could meet.
        Best regards from southern Texas,

      • Wow, Pit: Thanks partner for taking time to post all these recommended places. I didn’t realize how BIG Texas was, so it looks like there will be a lot to see.. ~Mary

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