Spring Gardening, Gibbs Gardens, Georgia

This weekend was a great time to spend time outdoors celebrating the beginning of Spring.  That’s exactly what I did on Friday when I decided to drive one hour north of Atlanta to Gibbs Gardens in Georgia.

10-Gibbs Gardens-Georgia

Their Daffodil Gardens are one of the largest daffodil displays in the country covering 50-acres. I found the “early blooms” of the first stage of growth for these “daffodils” filling every hillside.” They will continue to bloom until April 15th.

11-Gibbs Gardens-Georgia

I enjoyed walking three miles along the pathways surrounding the landscaped grounds.

3-Gibbs Gardens-Georgia

6-Gibbs Gardens-Georgia

On my way up to the Manor House the “friendly cat” lazily greeted me from her perch on a warm sunny bench.4-Gibbs Gardens-Georgia

5-Gibbs Gardens-Georgia

7-Gibbs Gardens-Georgia

9-Gibbs Gardens-Georgia

8-Gibbs  Gardens-Georgia

12-Gibbs Gardens-Georgia

My trip was perhaps a little early for experiencing the full blossoming of the season for the other gardens, but it was worth it with temperatures  reaching a high of 65 degrees.

1-Gibbs Gardens-Georgia

2-Gibbs Gardens-Georgia

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, March 9, 2013


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17 responses to “Spring Gardening, Gibbs Gardens, Georgia

  1. everything is so lovely! it’s been years since i’ve ‘seen’ springtime and the lovely daffodils, wisteria, etc.

    of course we have the exotics – year ’round gingers, heliconias, bouganvilla…
    thanks for the refreshing walk through the gardens!


    • It was my pleasure. The beginnings of Spring are visible everywhere with the dogwoods and peach trees waiting to show off their beautiful petals. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the tour.

  2. Wow… the photos are beautiful and really take you in. As with all the previous comments, it felt like I was walking the trail with you. Thanks for the walk! 🙂

  3. Pit

    Hi Mary,
    Wonderful pictures. I wish we had such a nice spring here, too. Bút with this winter’s lack of rainfall – and no substantial rain in the offing – I doubt we’ll have nice spring flowers this year. What a pity!
    Best regards from southern Texas,

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  5. Great photographs – good to know that somewhere in the world Spring is knocking at the door.

    • Yes, the weather is getting warmer over here in the Southern US States; and, Spring is definitely around the corner with outdoor plants blooming. I think, Spring officially arrives on March 20th .

  6. WordsFallFromMyEyes

    These pictures are so beautiful. I like your commentary too. Just wonderful. I love tree lined streets. Then when I saw the cat! LOVE!! 🙂

    Great post 🙂

  7. Oh, how beautiful. I really enjoyed the walk! I miss the seasons here in the tropics, where it is pretty much the same all year, except more rain/less rain…

    • Thanks for coming along and taking the walk with me through photography. The sun was bright, the air was fresh and every pathway took me to a new place. I even heard some frogs croaking along the creek banks. It’ll be nice when the leaves on all the trees open their umbrellas to shade the ground.

  8. Aaah! The flower field is definitely my favorite, but just the title makes me smile 🙂 spring + garden = perfect!

  9. Thank you for letting me tag along on your walk. The earth is waking up and I am doing my “spring dance.”

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