Photography, The importance of backups

Today I decided that I must backup my photographs on my computer’s hard drive. So, for the past couple of hours I have dragged and dropped photographs into new folders, categorizing them by general names like, flowers, dogs, cats, birds, etc and creating subfolders with the dates and specifics about each for better identification. And, during this process I took the opportunity to delete some unwanted images and found some interesting photographs.

The following images are of something everyone is familiar with. It’s called “the ONION.” And, who would have thought that onions would make a nice portrait and have some unusual faces.


Now, that my break is over, it’s back to work copying all those photograph folders to DVDs for my first backup. Then, I will transfer a copy to my external storage called “My Passport Essential” for extra protection. Afterall, we do live in the digital age where we don’t print all or few of our photographs.

Wouldn’t it be sad if I lost all those images if I only saved them in one place, on my computer’s hard drive…

“Then, I would cry and it wouldn’t be because of the ONION.”

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, February 23, 2013


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9 responses to “Photography, The importance of backups

  1. It is important to take backups regularly. When I move my photos from my camera to my computer, I rename them.

    I have folders with years. Under years, I have months. Under months, I create folders with names which describe photos. Every single photo has also also dates (day, month, and year. Thus later it is easy to find any photo I want by using Windows search.

    This might sound difficult when You have taken for example 500 photos. Easiest way again is to use Window’s capacities. Do this way for example:

    First You must select last photo by using (CTRL HOME), then push SHIFT-button. Now You just selected all of Your photos. Start to rename them like this way (concrete example):


    Accept. Notice those underscores, especially the last one. In few seconds You have renamed all 500 photos except the first one. That You can make easily by coping the second photo’s name and using it to the first photo giving to its name (1) instead of (2).

    Then I backup them to a separate external hard drive. After I have my photos in two different places, then I can remove my photos from camera, but generally I wait one month.

    I hope that my instructions please to You. You will have success when training a little. It is worth for it!

    Have a great day!

    • What a great way to organize your photographs and helpful method. I’ll try the renaming method, it certainly will save time. Thanks.

    • Great tipp! Thank you, I need to get organized…
      Love the faces you are presenting, Mary….
      Have a lovely day.

      Greetings from the Rhine Valley

      • Yes, it’s something we all have to stop and take time to do. If it’s not organizing the computer files, it’s the kitchen, the closet, the books, the garage and of course, organizing our schedules so we can get more things done. Oh…if only I had a twin, then she could help me so, I could have more time to speed up writing all those stories for print.

  2. Nice images and ‘faces’ – the second looks grumpy 🙂
    I use this – – makes life ever so simple

    • Yes, the onion face you mentioned is a good title as he knows his days are numbered. Thanks for the suggestion for storage and I have thought of paying for one since it takes time to do my own backups.

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