Treasure Island, The Gulf Coast of Florida

Treasure Island May 2012 copy

The Treasure of the Gulf Coast,  Florida in USA

This is the time of the year when everyone is wishing for warm weather. Spring break for most colleges is just around the corner. And, that’s when families think about taking their kids to the beach. When my children were small one of our favorite places to visit during the summer was Treasure Island. Last year after visiting Orlando, I took a detour driving west over to the island on the Gulf Coast of Florida.  When I arrived the first day it was during a rainstorm, but by the next morning the beach was back to normal waiting for my arrival. To discover more about this island, you can find a Treasure Island Florida Map, Nautical Chart and lots more if you click here

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Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, February 7, 2013



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19 responses to “Treasure Island, The Gulf Coast of Florida

  1. That is indeed a treasure of a find. When I’m at the beach, I feel like the richest person around.The fun and joy the beach gives us are priceless. Beautiful picture.

  2. I’m Gold Coast and it’s getting way too crowded for me!!

  3. Oh Mary, now THAT’S a beautiful beach. I admit, our coastline’s not that pretty. I prefer Florida sand to our rocky coastline. So glad you shared the link. It’s breathtaking! 🙂 And your photography captured something truly spectacular. Awesome!

    • Thanks. Now, that you mention rocky coastlines I do recall one part of St. Simon Island, Georgia (on the coast) where it was lined with huge rocks even though it was smooth next to the ocean at low tide.

  4. Florida’s Gulf Coast is the best place I’ve ever been for beach combing. The shells!

  5. Beautiful photography and superb scenery! I love that area of Florida.

  6. Kev

    I shall be sure to get back to you Mary. Thanks for your comments so on my work so far. It’s nice to have an experienced writer that we can feel comfortable sharing our own work with. 🙂

  7. So beautiful place and lovely photo. When visiting Florida, we did not visit this place. It seems to be worth for a visit.

    • I’m sorry you missed it. It’s the one place that I found the most beautiful seashells that were churned up by an oncoming storm. Envision this: A young mother standing in the ocean with water up to her waist reaching down in the sand and filling her bucket full of large shells. But, alas the storm became too much and I headed for shelter.

  8. Hi Mary – thanks so much for visiting my blog – I love your photo here – you can sense the promise of warmth from those early long rays of light. Meanwhile – for those who love the beach – early spring is a luxurious time to still have the sand and the sky all to yourself.

    • Yes, there is something magical about walking on sand and hearing the sound of the waves as they crash on the beach. And, the best part is having it all to yourself during an early morning walk. This truly is a gift.

  9. I wish I was lying on a beach, in Florida right now. . . 🙂

    • Me too, in fact it could be any beach where the sun is warm, not too hot and the days are long with the nights cool. What better place could there be to take a long walk on the sand other than in the mountains and the woods where I live and grew up.

  10. Excellent photograph – the beach seems to go on forever.

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