Moses-the-Hamster © by Mary Gilmartin

Once upon a time several years ago in a preschool classroom a dwarf hamster lived inside a large cage. He loved to run, stopping only long enough to grab a bite to eat. When humans got too close to his space, one of his favorite things to do was to play hide-and-see.  Then, he would poke his head out from the opening of a tunnel to see if anyone was looking. Sometimes if you listened closely you could hear him say, “Moses is my name. I bet you can’t find me the next time.”

All of the four-year olds in the classroom begged to hold and pet him. Most were gentle with him because he was so tiny. One day someone wasn’t careful and he accidentally slipped from their hands. He fell and hit the hard floor. Alas, one of his legs was broken. Moses found a temporary new home for a couple of weeks away from the preschool until it mended with the help of some bandages and a splint.

Today he is no longer living but, I’m sure he will not be forgotten. His memory will stay with every one of those children who touched him.  And for me, I’ll always remember him. You did know that he liked it when I asked him, “Is it okay to take your photograph?”

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, January 29, 2013



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3 responses to “Moses-the-Hamster

  1. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking a few of my posts. Love the dwarf hamster pictures and story. I had two when I was a child and they often went around in my mum’s top t-shirt pocket. Great memories. Good luck with your work.

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