Art: Picasso

Picasso 006In my collection from 1986, I have a memorable videocassette set about Picasso. They are a comprehensive video anthology taken from intimate and exclusive home movies and photos containing over 600 works, many never seen in public that cover Part 1: The Man and His Work (1881-1937) and Part 2: The Man and His Work (1938-1973).

The series was made by Edward Quinn, a photographer and film maker, who had the complete collaboration of Picasso, at work and at play.  It was filmed in the authentic atmosphere in which Picasso lived and worked where Quinn was allowed to do as he liked, provided that Picasso was free to do what he wanted.( Source: Art Series insert inside my VHS collection). You can find more information on Edward Quinn’s website and some photos of Pablo Picasso at work. More recently V.I.E.W. Video has made available a new DVD release of the two tapes of this collection.

I acquired my set when I attended art school twenty years ago. The drawings that Picasso sketched on the back of a piece of glass still remain vivid in my mind.  Perhaps I need to find my old VHS player and watch them again.

Quote:  “I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them. ” – Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso A Retrospective, The Museum of Modern Art, New YorkJust finding this collection prompted me to look at my bookcase crammed full of  art books. I finally located my copy of Pablo Picasso: A Retrospective (Museum of Modern Art, New  York) printing from 1980. Inside this 463 page book are almost a thousand illustrated works by Picasso with over two hundred of them in color. His career as an artist began at an early age continuing until his death in 1973 becoming probably the most well-known and famous painter in his own lifetime.


On the “front cover” of my copy of this book, Pablo Picasso: A Retrospective , is a Self-Portrait, Paris, late 1907.

Written by Mary Gilmartin, January 27, 2013


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8 responses to “Art: Picasso

  1. veraersilia

    There is so much written about such versatile artists. I liked Arianna Huffigtons biography even if it seems to expose all his faults – but he was a powerful personality and many of them leave tragedies and disasters in their wake.

    • Yes, I agree and the book “Picasso: Creator and Destroyer” by Arianna Huffington certainly seems to reveil exactly what the title implies. And, yet everyone will always remember him for his art.

      • veraersilia

        Without that strong personality he could not have been the artist he was. Many great artists seem to have a streak of “self-centered absolutism” that both attracts and then hurts others. Think about Berthold Brecht for instance. …

  2. My concern would be that either a) the tapes break or b) the tape player breaks and no new ones are to be found! Good thing the new DVD release is available, just in case!

    • I hope my player still works but, the concern is the condition of the tapes. Perhaps they have become brittle with age even though the storing has always been in a climate controlled environment. In that case, the new DVD is the answer.

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