New Year 2013 Resolutions

BOOK COVER Adventures with Easton 2012A new year always brings a new list of resolutions.   Some people write them down thinking this will help remind them of the goals they made.  But, for some reason the author, Mary Gilmartin, prefers to keep that list in mind accomplishing as much as she can by being persistent.

That being said, my plans for 2013 are to finish writing the 2nd book in the series of “Adventures with Easton”  and start writing the 3rd and last book for this trilogy before the year ends along with publishing my first illustrated storybook for young children.

Afterwards, I’ll decide which short stories to finish, complete the historical novel about my  great-great-grandfather, the renaissance mystery story and the writings of my autobiography.  Now, you might ask, is it possible to finish all that in one year. Probably not, that’s why it’s called a five-year plan. I wonder what else I can add to that list…

Written by Mary Gilmartin, January 6, 2013


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5 responses to “New Year 2013 Resolutions

  1. I also keep my New Year’s resolutions in my head. Like you, I always plan to do more than I can accomplish in one year. I’m happy as long as I continue to make at least baby steps towards my goals.

  2. That is an exciting list! 🙂

  3. All the best!

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