‘The other day when I drove past a pasture near where I live, something prompted me to pull over to take a closer look.

4-Horse Pastures

That’s when one of the horses walked up to the fence and looked me straight in the eyes. Did I know him from somewhere in my past? Then, I  remembered the farm and the accident when I was sixteen years old.

2-Horse Eyes

Horse-In-The-Pasture© by Mary Gilmartin

     It was a beautiful summer’s day when I took the horses out of the barn with my older brother for a ride in the meadow. Jamie had saddled Spirit and galloped wildly across the field. I tried to follow close behind on the back of Manchester. He was getting old and not as fast. It was difficult to hold on tight with no saddle to anchor me down. We had not traveled far when dear old Manchester lost his footing from the chasing. We fell down the embankment and my body flew through the air. I landed on the hard ground with a bang  realizing that I  could not move. The rest of that summer I spent learning how to walk all over again hobbling around the house using a cane to balance myself. .  .

3-Horse Likes Me

 I sensed my new-found friend wanted his portrait taken before I left. I think he posed rather nicely, don’t you?

1- Horse Portrait

 And, if I am not mistaken I think I see a smile underneath that “butterfly birthmark” on his face. I thanked my new friend for the memory before I departed.”

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, December 20, 2012


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8 responses to “Horse-in-the-Pasture

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    This is a reblog from one of our readers; Mary Gilmartin, a professional writer and a good supporter and sponsor of The Nokota Horse Conservancy.

  3. Ouch! I sympathise. Lovely photographs and that butterfly!!!!

  4. It’s possible, he does recognize me. The birth markings on his face make me think he’s one of Manchester’s descendants.

  5. Beautiful post and photos! We had about the same encounter on holidays and we spent about half an hour stroking and speaking to the horses, we couldn’t let go of them, it is a memory we treasure until today.

  6. he does seem to look like he remembers you!

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