Photography, The Red-Berry Tree

What a magnificent little tree I found proudly standing in the landscaped area of a parking lot today. When I took a closer look I discovered that on its limbs hung dozens of tiny red berries. I found it interesting that some of the berries had turned black and the remains of those that had fallen lay on the ground. I wonder what kind of tree this is?

2-Red Berry Tree



Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, December 19, 2012


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15 responses to “Photography, The Red-Berry Tree

  1. What a beautiful red. 😀

  2. Yes, and Red is the color that makes me think of life and living.

  3. Red is an exciting color and inspires us to give, love and smile with a joyful heart. Thanks.

  4. rimassolosailingaroundtheworldm

    Thank you for sharing a nice pictures.Happy New Year!

  5. Yes this is a dogwood. Birds love these berries before they turn black.

    • Thanks for identifying. I thought it looked familiar, but had never seen one so full of just berries. Upon checking into about the dogwood, I find that the red berries are to a dogwood what apples are to an apple tree — its fruit. PS: Perhaps in the spring I’ll go back to this site and photograph this dogwood in bloom.

      • Hi Mary-
        Dogwoods shed leaves leaving the beautiful and often bountiful berries for hungry birds. Bluebirds especially love these and often I pick them and store them in the fridge and doll out during the very cold part of the winter or during snows when birds find it hard to locate food. The tree in your photo is a native dogwood, and I am sorry to see that it is in full sun, as these trees thrive as under-story trees. If this tree is well mulched out to the drip line and fed annually, perhaps it will survive for years to come. This tree has some age, so I do hope someone continues to care for it.

  6. I don’t know the name But I like the winter interest! I bet the birds LOVE this!

  7. I love the way You presented Your photos (general view and then details). I am sorry that I do not know its name.

  8. It’s pretty amazing what just springs forth from parking lots, barren rocks, etc. Thanks for showing us that nature can put on a show just about anywhere!

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