Holidays, Stone Mountain Christmas during Day

Celebrating the holidays at Stone Mountain Christmas  usually happens at night or on the weekend during their operating hours. Today I visited Crossroads and it was during the day. The decorations are up just waiting for all those visitors to come.

1b-Merry Christmas

 The red doors invite you to come in and shop at “Candy Kitchen.”


I liked the reflections on this window showing what’s behind on the street.

2-AdventureOpen the door, come on it. The sign says the barn is full of fun.


Don’t forget to  drive up in your Mustang and “get yourself in gear” at Adventure Center.


 Santa’s taking a break while he drinks his hot chocolate.


The birds built a nest in a tree waiting for this gristmill wheel to start turning.


The Gingerbread man’s inside his house. I hope his audience gets here soon.


The glass blower’s house is locked. I knocked, but nobody answered.


The streets are vacant with the mountain quiet.


The Polar Express banner is half on the ground.


I wonder what the Great Locomotive Chase is…


The Number 110 Locomotive is parked permanently where the track ends.


The Market Place is so neat and clean with its empty street.


Cable cars travel back and forth to the top of Stone Mountain while the Snow tubes wait.

16-Adventure - Squirrel

Holly Squirrel decides to sit down to eat her acorn while she waits for the visitors to arrive.

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, December 18, 2012


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4 responses to “Holidays, Stone Mountain Christmas during Day

  1. ajaytao2010

    Superb pics

  2. Oh, it’s so beautiful! I really want to visit this place some day. Lovely Christmas decorations!

  3. What a joy it was to admire Your photos! I enjoyed Christmas decorations very much.

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