Authors, Beatrix Potter

Catching up with the CBS News and watching CBS Sunday Morning stories is something I try to do every weekend and today there were many to watch.

There was one featuring Beatrix Potter, the author who wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  It published December 16, 1901 in London. Here’s a link to the video for your viewing: Almanac: Peter Rabbit. Her books were some of my favorite stories to read when I was a small child.]

Once upon a time- Peter Rabbit copy

Stacking BoxesWhen shopping for Christmas presents for my young grandson, I found  the world of Peter Rabbit in a box within a box in a thrift store.  What a deal for only 70 cents in the used book section. I hope he likes stacking the boxes and reading a verse of the Tale of Peter Rabbit on the side along with others that Beatrix Potter wrote over a hundred years ago. But, there is one thing certain: he will enjoy seeing the boxes tumble over after stacking them high like a tower. Then, we’ll laugh at the collapse while I hug him tight saying my blessings for keeping him safe for one more day. Then, we’ll stack up the boxes again and read the Beatrix Potter verses together.

The other story featured I would like to mention is the one that’s in the minds and thoughts of most Americans as well as thousands of people around the world. As I write this I say a silent prayer for the families of the innocent victims of this tragedy in Connecticut. Those children were the same age as my six-year old grandson who attends elementary school. My heart breaks for their loss on this rainy Sunday afternoon along with the adults who lost their lives during this Christmas season.

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, December 16, 2012


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3 responses to “Authors, Beatrix Potter

  1. You are fortunate to have visited. I hope Peter was in the garden when you were there.

  2. Don

    I had the wonderful privilege of visiting her house in the Lake district in Northern England last year. Such an inspiring moment.

  3. Ah, this brings back good memories. We used to be glued to the TV watching the beautiful BBC series. Some of these tales were downright scary, especially the one with the rats under the floorboards,

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