Christmas Holidays, The White House in Stone Mountain, Georgia

The Christmas holidays bring decorations to most homes this time of year. Near the Village of Stone Mountain, Georgia where I live, there’s a Georgian structure home from the 1870’s that’s part of the Historic Society, called the Wells-Brown House. The outside of the house is “white” and this year’s decorations are green wreaths with red bows.

“This house reminds me of two houses that were important in my life.  The first one was the two-story house where I was born in Tennessee from the same circa. The other one I called home,  Western North Carolina, was a small one-story white house with green shutters and rooms not quite large enough  for a widow with five small children. I remember Christmas being a special time because that’s when I, as the only girl in the family, gathered Holly leaves with their red berries from the woods behind our house to decorate the scrawny pine tree I found. Then, finally  Christmas morning came and we opened our brown paper bag loaded with goodies from Santa. Inside was one apple, one orange, nuts to crack and sticks of peppermint candy to enjoy.”

1- White House Christmas 20123-White House Christmas 2012

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, December 13, 2012



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7 responses to “Christmas Holidays, The White House in Stone Mountain, Georgia

  1. The Wells-Brown house is wonderful, and appreciation shows in the preservation. Thanks for the link.

  2. The house is beautiful! It’s wonderful that it is being preserved as a historic site.

  3. What a beautiful old home!

  4. Ah my Christmas stocking was one of my father`s knee high golf socks – a sixpence in the toe, an orange and apple (I can smell them now!) and a few other goodies.

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