wriChasing a bicycle, Life-in-Georgia

Sunday afternoon it felt like summer with a high of 72 degrees.  It was a  great day to get some exercise by chasing after a six year-old riding his bicycle in my local neighborhood park. There are many acres to this community park with baseball, softball, soccer courts, playgrounds, picnic areas, pavilions, a lake and walking trails where you can never get bored.

Today I found many open spaces to explore. I chose the pavilion and lake. The dirt road on the other side of the lake made a great ramp for practicing downhill racing. After an hour of non-stop fast walking our adventure ended by finding a tree with a hole in it. “Was there anything inside it? See the last photograph and you decide.

1-dec 2 2012 copy

4-dec 2 2012 copy3-dec 2 2012 copy5-dec 2 2012 copy6-dec 2 2012 copy

7-dec 2 2012 copy_edited-1

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, December 2, 2012



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3 responses to “wriChasing a bicycle, Life-in-Georgia

  1. How wonderful photos. My favorite is the third one from the top. Have a wonderful day!

  2. This balmy weather does make it challenging to stay indoors! Beautiful pictures.

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