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Photography: Reflections

Today is Monday, December 31st and it’s the last day of the year 2012.

Reflections 2012

My reflections of the year of 2012 have been good ones; and, “I hope yours have been the same.” So, here’s a toast to closing today with celebrating at midnight and singing “Auld Lang Syne” with each of us looking forward to a New Year for 2013!

“Auld Lang Syne: Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, And auld lang syne. Chorus:For auld lang syne, my jo, For auld lang syne, We’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet, For auld lang syne”….

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, December 31, 2012


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The fluffy brown dog

If there ever was a puppy that I wanted to pick up and hold, it was this one.

Cute dog Baby Bear

My path often crosses those of pet owners walking their dogs. There are big dogs, little dogs and most of them have great personalities. When asked permission to take a photograph of this fluffy little brown dog, she actually stopped and posed for me.  She reminds me of a teddy bear I once had when I was a kid.

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, December 30, 2012


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The World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta, Georgia

In 1886 the world of Coca-Cola began in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. John Stith Pemberton, a pharmacist created a distinctive tasting soft drink that could be sold at soda fountains from a flavored syrup.  His partner and bookkeeper, Frank M. Robinson, is credited with naming the beverage “Coca-Cola” as well as designing the trademarked, distinct script.

To end my holiday vacation this December, I traveled downtown to enjoy a brisk walk around Pemberton Place. If you ever visit Atlanta you might want to add this to your list and take the tour to learn more about the wonderful world of “Coca-Cola”.

Coca-Cola Pemberton Place-4

Coca-Cola Pemberton Place-3

The 2012  holidays will be over soon.  After I review the list of things that I wanted to accomplish this year, I will remember not to cross off those I didn’t finish but, simply move them over to my new list. Have safe travel and celebrate life’s blessings “every day” of the year.

Happy New Year 2013 !

Coca-Cola Pemberton Place-1

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, December 29, 2o12


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Holiday, Stone Mountain Christmas at Night

I revisited Stone Mountain Christmas  at the Crossroads again. And, this time it was at “night” and things looked a lot different.

I found Santa waiting to  talk to all the little girls and boys.  After each sitting, I noticed he adjusted his eye glasses. (You can see him doing this in the last photograph).

Enjoy the tour and happy holidays…

1-Christmas Lights3-Christmas Lights4-Christmas Lights5-Christmas Lights6-Christmas Lights7-Christmas Lights8-Christmas Lights9-Christmas Lights10-Christmas Lights11-Christmas Lights

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, December 21, 2012


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Art, Wood Sculpture

Creations made from wood have always intrigued me. Photo 1: a close up of carving, could it be a young Aztec warrior.  Photo 2: a Welcome board, with the head of
a mallard.  
Photo 3:  a shoe, perhaps where the old woman lived, a 1697 folk tale.

4-Wood Sculpture Face

1-Wood Sculpture Duck

5-Wood Sculpture Shoe

Note: Permission was given to photograph these sculptures

Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, December 20, 2012


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