Books, Mary-loves-old-books

Here is  a sampling of  “one” of my old books in my office library:

I love books www.marygilmartin

Old book www.marygilmartin

Inside Old book

Horatio Alger, also called Horatio Alger, Jr.   (born Jan. 13, 1832, Chelsea, Mass., U.S.—died July 18, 1899, Natick, Mass.), one of the most popular American authors in the last 30 years of the 19th century and perhaps the most socially influential American writer of his generation. He wrote books that showed the triumph of poor boys in the face of great obstacles. His books sold more than 20 million copies, even though their plots, characterizations, and dialogue were consistently criticized by reviewers. His most popular books were the Ragged Dick, Luck and Pluck, and Tattered Tom series. Source: Encyclopedia Britannica

 Written and Photographed by Mary Gilmartin, November 29, 2012

“Old books are friends to me. I love their stories told from generation to generation and thankful for those who preserve the written word.”_Original quote by Mary Gilmartin, 12/02/2012


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9 responses to “Books, Mary-loves-old-books

  1. By the way, nice office there kiddo. I wish my office library were as neat and well-organized.

  2. cd1972

    Great! I really like old books! I don’t own any, but from time to time I take photos from them in the Archive of the German Youth Movement.

  3. I agree, the age of the cover of a book tells another story. And, when I look inside I find myself living in another time.

  4. I really love the history of old books they can tell! 🙂

  5. It is so nice to know that other people love reading! Old books are in some cases forgotten which is a pity.

  6. Thanks and I’m glad that you love books too. These are just a few of the bookcases in my office. I have others that are overflowing with no shelves left for the books lined against the wall. Where or where do I put them all? I think I need a library.

  7. So do I. They are very precious!!!

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