Photography, Golfing and More

What better place to be than outside today. Life is good.

The view overlooking the lake at the Lakemont Golfing Course in Stone Mountain Park.

The sign in front of this tunnel: “Slow Tunnel – Lakemont 1st Tee Clubhouse”
 It almost looks like a desert with mounds of sand in the middle of the parking lot.

A walk out on the bridge to see the Riverboat.

 The “Henry Grady Riverboat” is docked with no private charters today.
Nice view of the back deck…if only, I could board.

This riverboat is three stories high.

Written and photographed by Mary Gilmartin, November 25, 2o12


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7 responses to “Photography, Golfing and More

  1. Amy

    Agree… life is good. Thanks, Mary!

  2. Excellent pictures. The golf course looks very tempting. Somewhat better conditions than at my club – there is a temporary ‘river’ running between the clubhouse and the 9th green!

  3. Lovely shots Mary, my favourite is the first one.

  4. Love the tunnel shot.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • The golf carts looked like busy bees today riding through the tunnel, through the woods, and around the hills. Seconds before I shot this view several passed me at top speed, anxious to get to their course.

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