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There are different kinds of turtles living in our world. Some are the Eastern Box Turtles while others are known as Loggerheads. When I was growing up in North Carolina I remember seeing Eastern Box Turtles  crossing dirt roads and fields to get to the other side. Today I believe you will see less of them because of the growing population taking over their habitats. Our roads of asphalt concrete are what they attempt to cross now.  I found an excellent documentary on You Tube  (This is a 13 minute video about the Eastern Box Turtle.  This is educational and teaches about the preservation of the turtles.  Produced and Directed by Heather Noe, Richard Castle and Jordan. )  Just watching it took me back to the fresh water streams where I played as a youth watching the Eastern Box Turtle cross the open fields. To learn more about them, here’s a fact sheet from the National Zoological Park, part of the Smithsonian Institution.

 Question: Why did the turtle cross the road?  Answer:To get to the other side.

Did you know the Loggerheads have been on the threatened species list since 1978?

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Have you ever heard a young person say, “I want to be a Marine Biologist when I grow up?” If not, you might want to check out my first book, Adventures with Easton, The Magical Journey because being a Marine Biologist and saving the Loggerheads is what Easton wants to do.

Written by Mary Gilmartin, August 26, 2012


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  2. I love turtles too We have recently been rehabilitating rescues from a pond / water system tainted with oil and or gasoline, a couple were in pretty bad shape one was even missing his right hind leg…two were donated to classrooms where they will not only be rehabilitated, but also used to teach children about turtles. Check out my blog, and reference the turtle postings and whatever else you may so desire…

  3. Very good information! Thanks
    One of our area universities recently did a study by placing a rubber turtle on the side of the road looking like it was in the process of crossing. Sadly, the study found a significant number of motorists who would swerve to purposely hit the turtle.

    • You’re welcome. Everyone should try to save the turtle instead of thinking it’s just an obstacle in their way. Sometimes I wish humans could turn into those tiny little animals, just for one day, and see how much fun it is trying to survive from day to day.