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Did you know that a Jack Russell terrier makes a great pet?  Perhaps the answer is Yes, because you know about this breed.  Or, maybe you don’t have a pet and you are looking for one. Some visit their local rescue center while other may visit the national rescue website for this breed. There are a lot of lonely dogs out there just looking for new homes…

Because one of them found his way into my first book, Adventures with Easton, The Magical Journey.  Jack, as his name would imply, is a terrier and first appears as a character in Easton’s first dream. As the story progresses some interesting things start to happen in this nine-year old boy’s life.  When he meets his next door neighbor, guess what happens?  He finds out that Mr. Johnson used to work in the circus as the ringmaster and  his Jack Russell terrier was found at a local rescue center.

Now back to the breed: You might want to check out the The Real Jack Russell  website just to make sure this breed is the one for you. In case you don’t know… “terriers need a long-term commitment to obedience, activity, exercise and entertainment… their unique character, intelligence and high energy level will keep you active walking.”

Another mixed breed, sometimes mistaken for a Jack Russell terrier, is the Mountain Fiest.  My brother told me he drove all the way from North Carolina to Kentucky to bring home his registered Mountain Fiest, “Buster” two years ago (Photograph, 2010).

Cute “little Buster” does looks like a Jack Russell Terrier, doesn’t he?

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Written by Mary Gilmartin, August 17, 2012

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