Writing Memory Stories, The Odd Cup and Bowl

The Cup: My favorite cup is this restaurant-style one. When I worked in the corporate world, my best friend and I shared many lunches together. One of the things we enjoyed the most was having a good cup of HOT coffee. We both liked the way this mug kept it hot, so we purchased a pair. When I drink my morning cup of coffee from this mug, it always reminds me of those days and the special times we shared together when she was alive.

The Bowl: Perhaps the one I treasure the most was once known as a sugar bowl.  It’s lid is missing thus it became just a yellow bowl.  Why do I like it?  The answer is that it reminds me of my childhood. It looks like sunshine and daisies growing in a field.

The Odd Couple: Both the bowl and the cup are one-of-a-kind; meaning, there is no set and these are the only ones I have of this kind.  I fondly refer to them as the odd couple. They are my favorites and stay in my cupboard while all the others get recycled.

This was written  in memory of a best friend, Shirley Powell Carusos”…(Our co-workers often referred to us as “Mutt & Jeff” because of our heights.

I’m almost 6 ft. tall and she reached only 5 ft.

Written by Mary Gilmartin, August 5, 2012: 

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